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Cold War is has given way to Globalization.. business is done in a collaboration with customers, vendors, consultants, employees spread all around the globe. Business has spread its wings cutting across all geographical and political boundaries. Sourcing is done from multiple points across the globe, materials being staged in multiple warehouse points, manufacturing and assembling done in another point, finished goods distributed to many points triggering shipments to end users..

This is the top view of a business to-day, interesting but challenging, complex but rewarding.  'Grow' and 'Spread' is the call of the day, You have to grow and cannot afford to confine yourself in a small arena .. just spread your wings .. do business anywhere and everywhere .. we will support you now on. That's a promise

 How we are different – rather totally different - we rolled Oracle Apps for more than 90 legal entities in 11 countries within a short span of 10 years   

 In the Robbins-Gioia Survey on ERP success, out of 232 respondents, 51% viewed their ERP implementation as unsuccessful

 Unfortunately this failure applies to Oracle too. What is the core reason of ERP failure? So much manuals and support docs floating around in web and cloud, Oracle metalink on your side 24x7, Oracle consultants deployed have 5-10 years of ‘full cycle’ implementation experience, so why? What is the secret of such proven ‘failure’

 The real reason..lot of players including big players are in Oracle consulting business without knowing ‘client’ business. Its all about the people and the core people how do they carry on process study, discuss with business users and churn out the solution around the Oracle EBS tool.

 Oracle EBS is just a tool, just like a pencil, and if you don’t know how to write a story or draw a picture, pencil won’t help much, this is the reality, off late many organizations are realizing after wasting valuable time, resources and money

 Of course there are additional failure factors ..just start playing with client without testing the turf, in the rush ‘closing’ a deal, deploying fresher right from ‘campus interview’ from any and every ‘private’  colleges, after offering  just a ‘brief’ training if basics, to build the number for billing man days

 It’s a fact, many Oracle consultants had never got the opportunity of entering into a manufacturing plant, or never aware of a global supply chain practice, they may not know what is ‘GAAP’ and how it differs from ‘IFRS’, how exchange rate variance is taken care, what is the difference between ‘standard costing’ and ‘average costing’ and how it hits the financial statements of the client

 These are  ‘domain’ knowledge, the prowess not developed in ERP classes or found in User manuals. It comes out of experience while one works in a domain related industry or an audit environment, and skill sets developed by professional institutes at national level, with rigid screening at entry and subsequent qualification process

 So, consultants with good academic background, gathering knowledge in professional institutes and later in industry are the real players who deliver Oracle or any ERP application with a enviable success rate, else it’s may be a disaster

 Picking up Oracle technical knowledge is not the real challenge, it’s the domain knowledge which counts, this is the truth, this is the empirical reality   

 Why we ventured in Oracle Application consulting

 A R Data Consultants [Singapore] [Incorporated in Singapore in March 1998, ROC No. 52864451C], has been a leading provider of IT based Business solutions encompassing the key areas of finance, accounting, supply chain and manufacturing since 1990 in India

Our Singapore outfit was an extension of Indian operations, when we initiated operations in Singapore in 1988 for the same verticals of services, along with our customized Accounting software for around 50 installation base  

Soon, we took note of  the emerging ERP market which was fast replacing the ‘customized software’ space, and it was the time to venture in and we went for Oracle Application consulting. With the launching of java based 11i apps by Oracle Corporation, we fine tuned our strategy to leverage Business Solutions thru industry centric Oracle Apps platform with global access from anywhere everywhere.

 Later with the release of Oracle R12 application version, the solution could keep pace with the globalization space of our MNC clients. The onslaught of GAAP, IFRS and consolidation requirements could be addressed with ease and comfort. Month end and year end closing cycle were shortened, compliance with ever changing accounting, internal control and audit standards became possible without manual controls by built in checks and balances. Supply chain and out resourcing became easy     

 Our belief and commitment is the root of our success – Oracle is just a high tech tool, first is business knowledge, then deploy this tool, winning clients is just a logical consequence 

 We realized that without an in-depth knowledge of Industry, business, finance, global consolidation, audit compliance skills and GAAP accounting standards, ERP initiative will be a big  mess for our valued clients

 This ‘wisdom of consequences’, our base theme, has paid rich dividend and hence till date we have achieved 100% success rate in our roll outs and have won repeat orders from reputed MNC accounts, in this process we have learned a lot too, which we share with ongoing and future roll outs and support

 Our key consultants carry the legacy of qualifying from national level reputed institutes, working in MNC and Big four audit outfits before venturing in the ERP consulting world

 A R Data Consultants [Singapore] specializes in the Oracle Applications marketplace, providing leading expertise in the following areas:


1.    Deploy R12 roll out following the AIMS proven steps of Study, GAP analysis, CRP, SIT, UAT and cutover

2.    Release 11i to 12 technical Upgrades

3.    Performance Tuning for fast user response

4.    Oracle Apps Development work for customized forms and reports

5.    Oracle Apps DBA for performance tuning, 24x7 high availability, back up disaster recovery services


The value proposition by us is simple and straightforward. Leverage on experienced consultants embedded with Oracle technical skill, good communication and documentation skill, deploy proven time tested methods and make a quality delivery as per planned schedule and build a long term relationship with client


Below are some of our esteemed clients serviced by our experienced consultants, in APAC countries and in India


 The brief details of our lead Oracle Rollouts in past 10 years are as below, chronologically:

 1] Air Liquide Group with head office in Paris, a world leader in industrial and medical gasses and related services, with 40,000 employees in 72 countries and a revenue of 15.3 billion euro

 We have played the key role to design the Uniform Char Of Accounts and business template, global consolidation architecture, and finally rollout of R12 to eleven countries APAC as below within a short span of 3 years.

Each country had variant tax laws, GAAP, currencies, literacy level and mind sets of business users.


Global consolidation was achieved thru Hyperion platform

The project was known as ‘Convergence’ which was achieved within geographical, taxation, accounting standards divergence


1.    Air Liquide China with 77 legal entities

2.    Air Liquide Taiwan

3.    Air Liquide Singapore [Know as Soxal]

4.    Air Liquide Malaysia

5.    Air Liquide South Korea [2 entities]

6.    Air Liquide Thailand

7.    Air Liquide Philippines [2 entities]

8.    Air Liquide Indonesia

9.    Air Liquide Vietnam [2 entities]

10. Air Liquide India [2 entities]

11. Air Liquide Japan [we selected the vendor, designed the specs, and did oversight]


2] National Skin Centre, Singapore [A leading health care company under Sing Health Group]

Support of Oracle Financial Modules [AR,AP,GL,CM,FA in 11i]

 3] Atlantic, Gulf & Pacific Company of Manila Inc, Batangas, Phillipines [ A leading engineering and heavy fabrication company commissioning large scale projects for oil and other heavy industries]   

[2008 to 2009]

Oracle E Business Suite, implementation for

Finance – AR,AP,GL,FA,CM

Distribution – Inventory, Purchase

Project Costing and Billing

Project Manufacturing

Discrete Manufacturing – ECO, BOM, Costing, WIP, MRP, Quality

Inventory – Multi Org

 4] Lion Global Management Ltd, Singapore [ A leading finance company under OCBC, Singapore]     

[September 2007 to March 2008]

Oracle E Business Suite, implementation for

Finance – AR,AP,GL,FA,CM, Budgetary Control, Consolidation

Distribution – Inventory, Purchase, I-procurement

I-expense with Amex Credit Card usage

SOB/OU/Inventory – Multi Org

 5] Tiong Woon Corporation, Singapore [ A leading construction company with listing in SGX, Singapore]      

[April 2007 to August 2007]

Oracle E Business Suite, implementation for

Finance – AR,AP,GL,FA,CM, Budgetary Control, Consolidation

Distribution – Inventory, Purchase,  OM

Project Costing and Billing

SOB/OU/Inventory – Multi Org

 6] Nucleus Electronics, Singapore, Hong Kong [ A leading electronics MNC company with listing in SGX, Singapore and Hong Kong] [November 2006 to February 2007]

Oracle E Business Suite, implementation for

Finance – AR,AP,GL,,CM,  Consolidation

Distribution – Inventory, Purchase,  OM

SOB/OU/Inventory – Multi Org

 7] Mach Media , Singapore [ A leading Mobile Phone assembling  company under Motorola Supply Chain] [May 2006 to October 2006]                                                                                              

Oracle E Business Suite, implementation for

Finance – AR,AP,GL,,CM,  Consolidation

Distribution – Inventory, Purchase,  OM

Discrete Manufacturing –ECO, BOM, Costing, WIP, MRP, Quality

SOB/OU/Inventory – Multi Org

 8] Ultra Industrial Automation Pte Ltd  [ A leading Engineering Automation outfit] [Feb 2006 to June 2006]  

Oracle E Business Suite, 11.5.9 implementation for

Finance – AR,AP,GL,,CM

Distribution – Inventory, Purchase, OM

Discrete Manufacturing –ECO, BOM, Costing, WIP, MRP, Quality

 9] Professional Tools , Malaysia

[ A leading Injection Molding company under Hewlett Packard Supply Chain] [October 2005 to April 2006]                                                                                      

Oracle E Business Suite, implementation for

Finance – AR, AP, GL, CM

Distribution – Inventory, Purchase, OM

Discrete Manufacturing – ECO, BOM, Costing, WIP, MRP, Quality

 Our Industry Verticals Exposure

 ·         Oil and Gas

·         Manufacturing,  Heavy Fabrication

·         Retail

·         Shipping

·         Steel and Engineering

·         Banking, Insurance and Finance

·         Printing and Packaging

·         Electronics

·         Health care




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