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Academic Contents:

Education Uses of Information Technology
Links to various sites dealing with the role of IT in Education

An extensive collection of higher education information technology materials.

The Chronicle of Higher Education
On-line journal devoted to higher Education, with a daily section on IT

Academic References:

American Journal Review
Britannica Online
Business Week
CNN Interactive
CIO Government Research Center
Earthwatch Institute
Electric Library
Federal Information Exchange
Fortune Magazine
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (free)
Government Technology
Government Computer News
Geography from Space
Legislative Information.
Map of US State Library Web Sites
National Geographic Society
National Council for Social Studies
PBS Online
States and Capitals
The Discovery Channel
The Library of Congress
The New York Times
The Times of London
The Education Free Forum
The Virtual Reference Desk
US Census Bureau
US Department of Education
US Department of Labor
U.S. State & Local Government Gateway
US Supreme Court Database
Wall Street Journal

Financial Aid Sites

FAFSA Express
An Online Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
An Online Scholarship search engine
Finaid Guide to student Financial Aid
A comprehensive source of links to information about student financial aid.
MOLIS Search Engine
A searchable index of financial aid for minority students.
Mapping Your Future
A guide to careers, schools and financial aid.
NASSP Scholarship Programs
A list of scholarships offered by the national Association of Secondary School Principals.
National Collegiate Athletic Association.
The Financial Calendar
A timeline of financial aid-related activities


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